Ready To Deliver Cisco Upholstery

We are excited to offer several Cisco pieces that are ready to deliver – no lead times, no delays. We mentioned that last summer we purchased a showroom's worth of upholstery - although we do not yet have that showroom! So, these pieces are ready to go. These Cisco Home pieces can be in your client’s home (or yours) in time for holiday gatherings. And every day, our Cisco upholstery is 20% off the MSRP, or 40% for our designers.

Some of these pieces are in our shop in Old Town while others are located at our receiver, N-Route since, we can’t have more than a few pieces on the floor at a time. However, you can get them right away as well as see the fabric first hand. So, if your client would love to have a Cisco piece in their home, then we have a beautiful selection of sofas, chairs, and more. Take a look at what’s available and email us if you’re interested!