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We have yet to fully emerge from winter but we’ve decided not to fuss about it. We’ve had so many springlike winter days to break up the cold that we’ve been able to enjoy the perks of each season simultaneously. We’re leaning into these last couple of weeks of winter with one of our favorite activities: game night!

We know some of you are like, can we not? But if you plan it right, there is actually something to be enjoyed by everyone!

Of course the whole point of a game night is the company. Bringing friends and/or your family together can be challenging but is always more than worth it in the end. 

You may already have a stocked game closet, but if you’re looking to upgrade a classic or try something new, we have several great options

Arguably more important than the games are the food and drink offerings. A charcuterie board loaded with cheese, fruits, vegetables, chips, nuts, honey, chocolate, and an assortment of jams is never going to disappoint. If you want to make it pretty, The Cheese Board Deck is a must. And dips are non negotiable. No one asked, but we are taking this opportunity to go on record to say Reuben Dip is one of the best dips out there, even if one or all of the ingredients don’t do it for you. Together? Magic. Crowd pleaser. You’re going to at least want to double the recipe. Thank me later. And don’t forget the crackers

A house cocktail is also a nice touch if you’re planning a boozy evening. If you missed the freezer door cocktail trend, get into it. If you’re looking for something really quick and wonderful, grab a couple of Camp Craft Cocktail Kits and mix up some pitchers of your favorite flavors. We also have a sea of mixers and recipe books to choose from if you’re feeling adventurous.

While game night is not season-specific, there is something especially cozy about rounding up a group of friends to stay in for a night of noshing and just enjoying each other’s company. So grab some games, get your snacks in order, stock the bar, and invite your faves over for an entertaining and/or extremely competitive evening – and before you know it, spring will be here!