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If you remember Red Barn’s early days, you’ll know I’m a collector of antique objects. Some of my favorite things collected over the years are simple household objects – empty wooden spools, canning jars, paintbrushes, crocks, cowbells. I simply love decorating my shelves with the tools that everyday people used, well, every day. Imagining someone canning fruits and vegetables to feed their family is pure romance. My favorite piece of furniture is a folding table that wallpaper hangers used to do their trade. And, I cherish my collection of skee balls from Tulsa’s Bell’s Amusement Park. I used to go there every summer as a kid, and this was my favorite game to play. Now they have a prominent place in my living room.


Beautiful objects that are heirloom quality are what Red Barn Mercantile and Penny Post are all about. Just because it needs to be useful doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. That’s why we are so excited to bring in Iris Hantverk’s collection of beautiful household tools. At Iris Hantverk, people with visual impairments have been making brushes using the time-honored techniques of traditional Swedish craftsmanship for more than a hundred years. If cared for properly, tools to clean dishes, bake bread, and test cakes will last you a lifetime and maybe, in another 100 years, wind up on a collector’s shelves.

1.  Birch Dish Brush, $30
2.  Everyday Dish Brush, $13
3.  Washing Up Whisk, $12.50
4.  Bath Brush Puck, $29
5.  Birch Vegetable Brush, $18
6.  Dough Scraper, $26.50
7.  Birch Cake Tester, $12
8.  Printed Household Cotton Cloth, $6
9.  Pan Scrubber with Handle, $30