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We are very pleased to announce that Red Barn Mercantile is now carrying Smithey cast iron cookware. I first found Smithey when we were building Penny Post. Stitch Design Co., the designers who did Penny Post’s logo, did Smithey’s logo too. I love a good brand, and when it goes with a great product that’s even better!

Smithey was born in founder Isaac Morton’s Charleston, SC woodshed. After becoming an expert in restoring old cast iron cookware, Morton figured it was time to create his own. Using a time-honored method paired with modern engineering, Smithey was born. This cookware is made by a team of craftspeople, designers, engineers, foundrymen, metal grinders, and seasoners working to create a lasting piece of cookware. Their motto is, “Use it well.” And, indeed, you will use it well.

Why choose cast iron?

Well, first, it’s durable and long-lasting. Cast iron is made to be passed down from generation to generation. Unlike some cookware, it only gets better with age. 

Second, it is versatile. There is little it can’t do. It can sauté vegetables and sear steaks on all stove top types, be used in the oven, and even be used on your campfire. One thing you want to avoid with cast iron is acidic dishes. Otherwise, it is a workhorse in your kitchen. 

Third, the heat retention on cast iron is by far superior to other cookware. It stores more heat per unit volume, making it incredibly useful.

Finally, it’s naturally non-stick so you can skip the harmful chemicals found in non-stick pans. All Smithey’s come pre-seasoned, but keeping your piece seasoned is easy to do.

Stop by the shop to see these beauties for yourself and if you have any questions, send us a note!