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I loved a good field trip. In high school it was a unique opportunity to spend time with people from your class that you might not regularly. I always found that it was a chance to make a new connection with people, even if it was fleeting. A bit of a Breakfast Club moment but in Field Trip rather than detention form if you will. As a mom I went on all the field trips. From Smithsonians to Jamestown (twice!), I did them all and relished every moment. It was a chance to see my kids in their element and to get to know their friends a little bit more. And, there was an element of getting to know the parents too. Another Breakfast Club moment, just for adults.

During COVID, my daughter Kate and I did a few field trips of our own. Anything outdoors where we could socially distance ourselves was on our list of adventures. Early in the pandemic we had the opportunity to visit Star Bright Farm, an organic lavender farm in Maryland. It was a slightly overcast day just cool enough to be pleasant during the early Summer. There were tours, a band, picnics, a beer-mobile from a local brewery, and shopping in the most romantic stone building. It was just what we needed.

I had heard of Star Bright Farm because one of its owners, Helen Norman, is a wonderful interiors photographer. It may have been a magazine spread or from Lauren Liess that I first found her. (She does all of Lauren’s photography including images for her books). Her work is warm, inviting and all around lovely. She was at the farm that day, but I didn’t say hello because I was too worried I’d have a full fan girl moment and embarrass everyone. 

But two years later we are ready to go back and we want to bring you all along! Since that day we have started to carry Star Bright Farm’s lavender products and they are truly wonderful. Real lavender beats the synthetic versions any day! As part of a new series we are calling Field Trips with Red Barn Mercantile, we would like to invite you to visit Star Bright Farm with us on June 5. We will provide transportation, a boxed lunch, a tour of the 130-acre farm, and a lovely lavender souvenir from your visit. Reserve your spot here!

I hope you’ll join us for our first Field Trip! We will cross our fingers for a beautiful day and bring our rain gear if it isn’t. Either way, it should be lots of fun!