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In February Kelley and I traveled to New York City for my first trip back in two years. (Read our restaurant reviews here!) We headed up for market, which was decidedly smaller than ever before but it was surprisingly fruitful. After every market I announce my favorite thing from market. Last July it was eco-friendly bubbles in an aluminum bottle. Two summers before that it was hand-blown glasses from Mexico. And in February it was the sweetest textile line I have seen in a very long time. It was fresh and lovely and vintage yet somehow very current. The line is Brooklyn based textile design studio, Soil to Studio, and we are so excited to have them in the store!

Hand loomed and block printed in India, each pillow is lovingly made so our homes can feel as close to nature as possible. You’ve heard of slow fashion and slow flowers, right? Well, this is slow textiles. All their textiles are made in India using time-honored techniques employed by skilled artisans. Pillows and napkins offer a window into India’s culture and rich colors. They are truly a work of art. One of the things I LOVE about hand blocked textiles are the imperfections like where the blocks just miss or overlap just a little too much. That’s a true testament to the artistry and evidence of the human element that goes into making them. To me that’s where the beauty lies.

Kelley and I had to show significant restraint when we placed this order because Swati Bansal’s textiles are that good. Her creativity simply captured us, and I hope it will capture you too.