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Every year, we do our best to curate a Christmas collection that our customers will enjoy.  Every year, we wring our hands and worry if anyone will come to our metaphorical “Christmas party.”  Well, this year, you all really showed up and I cannot thank you enough! I always think we can’t beat last year, but every year you all prove me wrong.  Because the last few years have been so crazy, we expected this year to be just as unpredictable – so we were prepared for almost any circumstance. This means we are overstocked in a lot of areas at Red Barn Mercantile. Which is good news for you because that means we must put it all on sale!

As is our tradition, the day after Christmas we put all our Christmas goodies (at Penny Post, too!) on sale, to make room for the spring merchandise that will start rolling in.  This year, we are adding to Red Barn Mercantile’s sales shelves. Things like pillows, kitchenware, children’s gifts, tote bags, and much more will be up to 50 percent off!  In the coming weeks, we are headed to Atlanta and New York to buy for spring. We would be so grateful if you’d take a little of this good stuff off of our hands!

And, don’t forget to kick off the new year by bringing in your gold or silver envelopes starting January 2.  You can use your prize toward all the sale merchandise too!

Thank you for making our Christmas so bright. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous year ahead for all!