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In anticipation of expanding our furniture and home furnishings selection to an additional location, we purchased a small showroom’s worth of upholstery last summer.  After we decided not to go that route (yet) we could have just cancelled the order.  But knowing the supply chain is so long we decided to move forward with the purchase.  Also, these pieces are just so good that we knew someone would need them!

All that is to say, you’re in luck!  A slew of freshly produced Cisco Home pieces has just arrived in time for our semi-annual upholstery sale.  Everyday our Cisco upholstery is 20% off the MSRP, but August through September we take an additional 10% off.  That means you get extra savings off any of the pieces we have stored away right now.  Unfortunately, we can’t have more than a few pieces on the floor at a time (thus the additional space) so we don’t have room for more pieces at the moment.  You may not be able to sit in these pieces but you can get them right away.  (You did hear me say it was last summer that we ordered these?)

Anyway, if you need a new sofa or a new chair – or bench or ottoman – then we have a wonderful selection ready for you.  Take a look at what’s available and email us if you’re interested!