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To say that school was terrible this year is an understatement. It was awful to be a kid, it was awful to be a parent trying to school their kid from home, and it was awful to be a teacher. We all had to dig deep to support our children. Women left the workforce in droves to stay at home to make sure the kids get what they need out of school. Stay-at-home moms pulled triple-duty at home with no breaks or outlets. Teachers had to play social worker, grief counselor, and therapist to their students, often putting their own needs last. This year, more than any other, they deserve a great big thank you.

All of these groups, most of whom are women, deserve to be seen, to be appreciated, to be told thank you for all that they did this year. They did the heavy lifting, and if they hadn’t, then who knows how far behind our kids would be. We have put together a couple of gift guides with a few tokens of our thanks for those that did so much to keep our children going this year.

For all those who have taught my two this year and all the years before, my husband and I are forever in your debt. We are grateful for your patience, understanding, compassion, and support. May you have a wonderful summer break, and may you receive the rest and rewards you so richly deserve!

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